Santa Rosa Portrait Photographer

“Working with Star is so easy and fun!”— Deborah Myers

Capturing the joy — that’s what the art of photography is all about. For a few decades now, I’ve enjoyed working with people and animals. And I’ve learned volumes. The most gratifying lesson gained from years of experience is about focusing on inner joy. The secret is how to communicate with my subjects on a deeper level, pulling out the calmness of their own inner beauty. That is the place where an authentic smile originates, one that instantaneously lights up the sparkle in their eyes.


People often freeze up in front of the camera, and the idea of a photoshoot is intimidating — except for those who have experienced a session with me. They know I see each click of the shutter as a way for them to just shed the day, smile inside and have fun. Instead of you and a camera, it’s just you and I. We share a connection and the magic ensues. 


The goal of every photo session — whether the clients are business people, actors, models, high school seniors, children, families, or pinup girls — is for them to come in and feel relaxed enough to let their personality shine.


Being a creature fanatic since birth is the big reason that pet portraits are my most humorous sessions, next to the pinup girls, that is.  While being strongly committed to animal welfare for over thirty years, I have devoted thousands of hours with wildlife rescue, rehabilitation, and educational facilities. In 1994, my ability to communicate with dolphins and whales began a lifelong fascination with underwater photography. The camera is a way to draw attention to what’s important, like the restoration of oceans, or a person’s inner sparkle.